Lindum Farm

Lindum is located 320 km north of Perth. There are several ways to arrive:

The Quickest – From Perth, straight up the Tonkin Highway through Bindoon, then turn left on the Bindoon-Moora Road via Mogumber, then up to Carnamah on the Midlands Road.

Interesting – Up the Tonkin through Bindoon. Stay on the Great Northern Highway taking in the Benedictine Monastery at New Norcia and all the towns up to Dalwallinu. Turn left at Wubin on the Wubin Mullewa Road until Bunjil, then turn left onto the Bunjil-Carnamah Road.

Coastal – Along Highway 60 Indian Ocean Drive all the way to Leeman across to Eneabba and Carnamah, exiting Carnamah on the Bunjil-Carnamah Road.

"Nestled in the heart of wildflower country, Lindum Farm Stay is a fully-operational agricultural business growing wheat, barley and other grains – and a farm that raises sheep and chicken, too. Guests at Lindum can expect an authentic taste of seasonal farm life, enjoy interactive activities like wool spinning and wildflower-spotting, and learn about breeding chickens and sheep shearing.

The neighbouring towns of Coorow and Perenjori are renowned for their spectacular wildflower displays from late July to late October, so be sure to ask owners Angela and Roger for tips on the best local driving routes and flora hotspots."

- Tatum Stafford in RAC's 10 of the best farm stays in WA in 2020